About the circuit

Although it is one of the new street circuits selected for the Formula 1 calendar, Baku City Circuit can still blow away drivers as it stands as the second-longest and the narrowest in the World Championship. The track is another masterpiece by Hermann Tilke that stretches to 6 km anti-clockwise and has 20 turns that move the race around the city. The 7th and 8th turn is just 7.6m wide, whereas there is also a “dual carriageway” between turn 6 and 7 and 19 to the 20th. The track also offers a long start/finish straight of 1.2 km for speed.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix will become even more exciting with Formula 1 cars all around the vibrant city of Baku as from 90-degree Turn 1 by the port, the cars first witness modern skyline, then Baku old town through the UNESCO-protected medieval city walls at lcheri Sheher, onto the seafront and making their way to via the amazing Caspian Sea Promenade as well. The track promises to offer a race of another level!

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