About the circuit

Innovative designs and amazing architecture are the result when the thirst for thrill and adventure escalates. Such an escalation is visible in the amazingly designed Bahrain International Circuit. Opened in 2004 at Sakhir, 30km southwest of Manama, the circuit is truly a marvel and a key opener for motorsports in the Middle East. Herman Tilke took artistry to a next level in designing what can be called one of the most advanced circuits in the world.

Similar to most of its modern counterparts, the Bahrain circuit is the apple of the eye for designers and architects since its design is based on spectators’ view. The grandstands provide a view of various circuit sections. Moreover, the circuit’s wide tracks and long straights with slow corners pump adrenaline in drivers for overtaking, especially in 1st and 4th turns.

The Charles Leclerc show is memorable as spectators got to witness a shocking turn of events. Charles who was dominating qualifiers was leading the race towards his glorious victory in just his second event for Scuderia. However, a mechanical failure led two Mercedes to overtake him. Charles is desperately looking to make amends under basking light in 2022.

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