About the circuit

In the suburbs of Sao Paulo, the Interlagos circuit first made its name by getting redeveloped in the 70s after being inspired by the Roosevelt Raceway in the United States. It hosted the Brazilian Grand Prix from 1972 to 1980 and later the track got shortened from 7.87385 km to 4.325 km to continue hosting the Grand Prix in 1990 again. This was also the time when the great Brazilian driver, Ayrton Senna, emerged as the new consecutive world champion and a hero for the nation. Today Interlagos is all ready to be the only circuit for Grand Prix from South America.

The track is situated at 16km south of Sao Paulo’s city center and runs anti-clockwise, along with high altitude which makes it challenging for the drivers. For a brief history, the track was not built on flat terrain, but trails all along the ups and downs of hilly ground. The track tests the best of any driver and pushes the limits of a car’s engines for more power.

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