Grand Prix Great Britain



Traditional race day

Do you want to witness all the action happening on track in a vibrant party environment, but without any compromise on hospitality, of course? The Fusion Lounge package offers all that you need and much more in the form of an extended outdoor terrace, reservation in the grandstand to have the best experience of a traditional race day, all-day menu, cocktails, and even premium spirits!

The package also includes your entry to the Race Day After Party!



  • Ticket, inner track access and optional grandstand seating if desired

  • A luxurious and vibrant outdoor terrace and bar with choice track views between Stowe and Club corners and optional grandstand seating

  • A superb breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and additional enhancements celebrating the best in modern British cuisine

  • Premium bar service offering Champagne, cocktails and an extensive selection of spirits, wine, beer and soft drinks, as well as hot beverages

  • Live entertainment, guest speakers, giant screens, F1® simulators and more.

  • Access to the Race Day After Party

  • Official F1 programme

  • Dedicated shuttle service from Copse Tunnel and Fusion Lounge

  • Exclusive merchandise shop for hospitality customers

Package price

Sun € 3.495,-

Sat-Sun € 4.625,-

Weekend € 5.245,-


Complete your F1 experience

Service tailored to your needs with GP Incentives
By going for the GP Incentives, you can take advantage of the customized service and utmost exclusivity. So apart from the 24/7 on-site service, you get the accommodation, transport and dinners right of your desires. We promise to deliver better than just being “good”! 

Are you ready for the race weekend?
As we promise to cater to your needs right as per your expectations, all you have to do is fill the form below and we will contact you shortly with all the details regarding the F1 experiences that we offer and deliver!

Ready for an unforgettable Grand Prix experience?

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