About the circuit

In the north-east of Budapest, The Hungaroring Circuit was built within just 8 months, all upon the orders of Bernie Ecclestone, who wanted to bring F1 Championship to Eastern Europe. The track is spread across the 110-hectare natural valley and the views eventually turn out to be as amazing as the racing itself.

Almost 70 percent of the racetrack can be viewed from any point and such a convenience isn’t offered by any of the other circuits for the fans. Besides that, the infrastructure of the track has often been praised by FOM and FIA, along with the fact that it is also the most popular test venue.

The Hungaroring Circuit easily meets the highest technical requirements stated in F1 regulations and therefore drivers and teams also enjoy this one of the safest race tracks in the world.

Moreover, as a bonus, it is very near to the main town, so you won’t have to worry about the accommodation, restaurants, entertainment and making the most out of other tourist attractions around.

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