About the circuit

During the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna the F1 drivers go back to one of the oldest Formula 1 circuits. Ever since the start of the build in 1950 the track has made quite the impression. It’s one of the most technical and challenging tracks, where drivers face sharp turns and have to be careful not to crash.

Only since 1980 the track has had the chance to host an F1 event, as the San Marino Grand Prix until 2006. The historic circuit in Italy had to wait until 2020 to host another F1 event, where it returned as the Emilia Romagna (Imola) Grand Prix.

The Imola Grand Prix has known it’s dark periods, especially in 1994 where the event sadly knew multiple fatal accidents, with one of them the loss of Ayrton Senna. These events resulted in more safety regulations and necessary changes not only at this track, but in the world of Formula 1.

“That’s going to be a pretty hardcore event,” said seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton.


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