About the circuit

Europe’s oldest permanent circuit which is still in use was built by the Automobile Club of Milan in 1922. The Circuit is called Monza which holds the significance of being built in only 100 days. It consists of both the road course and the banked oval out of which only the road course is in use today. This track was a part of the original 1950 Formula 1 World Championship. Among many this track and the Silverstone are one of the few tracks that are still being used till date. The central and south end of the track are still surrounded by the splendid banking.

Made in the former Royal Park situated in the outskirts of Milan, Italy’s number two major city this circuit stands tall when it comes to being the fastest in Europe when you measure it with regard to a series of long, straight flat out blasts and long high speed corners which comprise of chicanes to make it more interesting. Teams have to prepare a low downforce which results in maximum speed on the straights as well as having a strong grip in the corners.

Once used as a military vehicle park during World War II the track suffered great damage as a result of heavy bombing, but was still able to survive most of its original layout. The banking had to be reconstructed before it could be used again in 1948. The tracks give an unforgettable experience of a thundering Ferrari Fanbase “Tifosi”!


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