About the circuit

History, a passion for cars and love for the good life. Monaco has always been one of the most important circuits in the racing world. Dive into the rich history of Formula One to fully appreciate this prestigious car race.

You’re invited to this vibrant weekend in the glamorous Principality on the Mediterranean where 80% of the straight lines and turns are exactly the same as in the first World Championship almost 90 years ago.

Be amazed as historic cars flash over the tracks, talk with former champions and young new racers and join in the celebration in the lavish after party’s and high-end dinners.

A true bucket list weekend.

Though the racing world has grown over the last decades, this race through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo is still number one. Monaco is always challenging and exciting. No race captures the essence of Formula One quite like the Monaco Grand Prix. Mingle with stars, VIPS and racetrack drivers and be amazed with the many super yachts and sports cars. Travel to St. Tropez on Friday for lunch, party at Amber Lounge on Saturday night and enjoy the race from our roof terrace on Sunday.


Package deals

Red Bull Racing Paddock Club

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Formula 1 Paddock Club

From € 5.975,-

Ermanno 10 / Penthouse

Premier Monaco Belvedere / Loge Suite

From € 3.050,-

Roof of the Caravelles 

From € 1.525,-

Beau Rivage

From € 925,-

Private Yacht Party

Friday evening € 525,-

Yacht Information, contact us

From € 600,-

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