About the circuit

The history of Zandvoort Grand Prix goes back to 1950 when it first became the Netherlands Grand Prix, after the track was constructed using communication roads built by the occupation army. The first Formula 1 race in 1955 showed the drivers how the circuit’s challenge was hidden in full of ups and downs track.

Almost 35 years have passed since the last Formula One race took place at Zandvoort Circuit and now with the track being modernized for races to come, it’s time for the fans to get excited again for the fast, sweeping corners – including the all famous Tarzan corner right at the end of start/finish straight. Despite being on the shortest circuit in the F1 season, it still puts drivers in the danger zone with 14 sharp corners, merciless gravel beds and run-off areas. One mistake and drivers will have to pay a massive price!

The reopening of Circuit Zandvoort for the Formula One Grand Prix is also going to welcome the current World Champions Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton who will battle for the top spot on a track that hosted legends like Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. However, both the champs have had their run on the track in the past in Formula 3.


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