About the circuit

The Circuit of Americas is a hot favorite within the Formula One circuit, all because of its most challenging track that is spread to 5.513 kms and unpredictable weather. It includes sharp changes in elevation and when that just becomes bearable, the high-speed corners come in the way. It was first brought to the F1 calendar in 2012 as the tenth American Track to become a part of the Formula 1 circuit, but currently, it’s the only one that has been fortunate enough to host Grand Prix.

Drivers battle for the top spot by racing on this anti-clockwise track, which is based on 20 turns – 9 right and 11 left. The starting point, being the highlight of this track, is steep and with 41-meter incline before the first turn, the F1 stars are in for an eventful race right from the word go. The circuit is greatly inspired by Silverstone, Hockenheimring and Istanbul Park and the top speed stands at 195 mph.

This is the track where Lewis Hamilton loves to make records, first in the name of fastest lap and then with most wins at the Texan circuit! Will he be able to score seventh in the upcoming season?


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